A place where past, present and future come together

come Join the tradition! 

Our Club was founded in 1928 and today offers the community a beautiul club to relax and enjoy the spring, summer and fall! The club today is still run by many of the children and grand-children of those original founders. The SSC is a unique, family oriented non-profit organization devoted to securing the finest outdoor summer enjoyment available in New Jersey. Our facilities include a Picnic Grove, clubhouse and pool. In addition, there is a well-balanced calendar of year-round social events, picnics & parties that make the SSC more than just a summer recreation center. It is our objective to create a safe and wholesome atmosphere for our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves. 

The casual visitor cannot help but notice the beauty and meticulous care given the Club grounds by dedicated SSC club members. The SSC is truly an enchanting, tranquil and inviting setting for anyone who needs to get away from the noise and concerns of the daily routine. 

Many members are amazed by how relaxed they get simply by turning into the club driveway. By the time you cross the railroad tracks and pass the pool, that sense of calm envelops you and allows you to relax and enjoy the surroundings and good friends.